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Terms and condition

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting our Bikefixup web site at www.bikefixup.com. Before using the services provided or details shown by Bikefixup, please read these Terms & Conditions (the “Agreement” or “Terms of Use”) carefully. This Agreement sets out the legally binding terms and conditions for your use of the website at www.bikefixup.com, all other sites that are owned and run by you. Operated by Bikefixup which redirects to the said website and all sub-domains (collectively, the “Bikefixup”) and the services owned and operated by Bikefixup on the Bikefixup website. Bikefixup provides technology-based services including but not limited to accessing all lists of various service providers on the Bikefixup website, finding the nearest and most appropriate service providers, scheduling appointments, Roadside assistance, see the contact details of the service providers listed (for Appointment Enabled Service Providers), receive service updates and updates on the status of their booked appointments, etc., among other services available to you in Faridabad City. You agree to receive services from us as well as service providers from third parties, garage owners or vehicle repair workshops, etc.(Service Provider). All technology based services offered to you by Bikefixup by your use or connection to the Bikefixup website are referred to hereinafter as the website Service.” Furthermore, content on the Bikefixup website is given for information purposes only and is not intended as a commercial offer, a license, an advisory, Your partnership with Bikefixup is fiduciary or qualified. It is clarified for the avoidance of doubt that Bikefixup does not provide automotive repair services by itself.It is the third party that can provide you with services and you decide to contact a service provider only if you have a legitimate need for any automotive service that the service provider provides. Therefore, the service provider ‘s provision of car repair services to you is subject to the agreement (to be) reached between you and the service provider and Bikefixup will never be a party to such agreement.Any person who logs on or uses the Bikefixup website (“You” or “Your” or “Yourself” or “Visitor” or “User”) has unconditionally accepted the terms and conditions of use and these are a binding and enforceable agreement between you and Bikefixup.This Agreement constitutes the whole and only agreement between you and Bikefixup With respect to Bikefixup Website Services and supersedes all prior or contemporary agreements, representations, warranties and agreements relating to the Bikefixup Website, the content, products or services provided by or through the Bikefixup Website and the subject matter of this agreement; Bikefixup can amend these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice to you The updated Terms of Use will be posted on the Bikefixup website, and you can visit the homepage before using the Bikefixup website to view the most recent Terms of Use. Bikefixup reserves the right to publish on the Bikefixup website information about any bid, scheme or promotional programme. It may be subject to the additional terms and conditions stated therein, which you are believed to have read and acknowledged in addition to the terms and conditions of use set out herein. The material on this Bikefixup website is provided as general knowledge, and there is no explicit or implied representation or guarantee as to its accuracy , completeness or correctness. You are believed to have read the Bikefixup website terms and conditions and are considered to have accepted, understood And unconditionally accepted all the terms , conditions, procedures and risks for the use of the Bikefixup website, and can not pretend to be unaware of any or all of them at any time. All relationships of this website wherever located are regulated by and in compliance with the laws of India and jurisdiction of the courts of Faridabad, India. You agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Faridabad, India courts in view of any dispute relating to these Terms of Use. Bikefixup makes no statement that materials on the Bikefixup website are appropriate or accessible for use outside India and from territories where content is illegal or forbidden to access them. In breach of any relevant laws or regulations, you can not use, export or re-export the materials on this Site or any copy or alteration.

User Service Agreement

By using our services, the user agrees that Bike-Fixup can pick up the customer’s vehicle for service or repair. The estimated delivery time is an estimate. The exact repair and delivery time vary greatly and can be affected by repair type, inventory, and many other factors. Users at any time have the right to cancel their repair work. In this case, the user will only be held accountable for the return delivery costs and installed part and labour costs. We reserve the right to install used parts in certain situations unless otherwise agreed upon. We cannot be held responsible for any item stored in a vehicle’s storage box. Please check your storage box before giving the vehicle for repair.

Refund Policy

We reserve the right to alter prices or services or cease to list services at any time, without prior notice or warning.The total price shown for services is inclusive of the items described for that service and may not include additional services found to be required at the time of availing your service. In such a case the service provider will discuss any change in scope with you.Payment options are available as COD ,Online,Credit card,Debit card ,Wallets etc.Booking cancellation done before the vehicle is picked up will be eligible for a refund of pickup& drop charges if the cancellation happens after the vehicle is picked up, no refund will be made.

BIKEFIXUP Website Aims

Any information given on this BIKEFIXUP website shall be regarded as a replacement for your independent, trained professional advice on the automotive industry. BIKEFIXUP website can involve inadvertently inaccuracies or errors relating to service specifications. The material is not warranted or guaranteed for its quality, completeness, adequacy or currency. The deals, specifications, photographs and other information provided herein are only descriptive and BIKEFIXUP reserves the right to alter some or all of these in BIKEFIXUP ‘s interest.Products or descriptions of the deal (including costs) listed on the BIKEFIXUP website are descriptive in nature, the actual cost of the product can differ. The visitor reflects and warrants that he / she is completely aware of India’s rules, and that the visitor does not breach or threaten to breach any statute. BIKEFIXUP has no control over the outcome of searches on the BIKEFIXUP website carried out by You. The outcome of any search by You on the BIKEFIXUP website for Service Providers shall not be construed as BIKEFIXUP ‘s opinion or choice.

The Opportunity to Use

BIKEFIXUP reserves the right to deny access to the BIKEFIXUP Website or Website Services at any time to new visitors / users or to terminate access provided to current Visitors / Users without reason to do so. To make use of Cloud Services. You consent to include Yourself details, including Your name , contact details, vehicle information, etc. BIKEFIXUP reserves the right to review and delete any information / data you upload, if it is incompatible with these Terms of Use.You are not allowed to have more than one active account, and you are not allowed to sell, swap or otherwise move your account to another person You will be responsible for keeping the Account details private and are entirely responsible for all activities that take place under Your Account. You agree to (a) notify BIKEFIXUP promptly of any unauthorized use of Your Account information or other violation of security, and (b) ensure that at the end of each session you delete Your Account. BIKEFIXUP can not and will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of Your failure to comply. You can be held responsible for damages sustained by BIKEFIXUP or any other user or visitor to the BIKEFIXUP Website as a result of your failure to keep your account details safe and confidential due to permitted or unauthorized use of your account. At any given time, BIKEFIXUP can Modify or discontinue any or part of the BIKEFIXUP website, charge or provide incentives to any or all visitors Links to third party websites Links to third party websites are given or convenience only and do not indicate any approval or endorsement by BIKEFIXUP of the linked websites, even though they may contain the BIKEFIXUP logo, as these websites are beyond the control of BIKEFIXUP. Before using such websites, BIKEFIXUP recommends reading the terms and conditions of that website and/or privacy policies.Therefore BIKEFIXUP can not be held liable for the content of any related website or link found therein. You acknowledge that you are prohibited from framing the BIKEFIXUP website, or any similar process.

Roadside Help

If you have a genuine requirement for your immobilized vehicle’s Roadside Assistance Services (listed on the BIKEFIXUP platform), you can take advantage of these services by enrolling your vehicle under BIKEFIXUP ‘s specific scheme.This Service shall be given as long as the breakdown happens at a site that is accessible by regular vehicles and towing equipment. However, if it is already at a workshop or garage, this Service can not be given to an immobilized car. Roadside assistance programs are offered in compliance with unique Terms of Use applicable above and above these Terms and Conditions. Any Service Provider shall communicate directly with any Compliant in respect of the services rendered or the service charges.


Doorstep inspection charges:-
*Standard 199 rupee charges for pick and drop.*

Service History

In addition to the invoice information, BIKEFIXUP also offers descriptions of the service history conducted at the specified service provider. Please refer to the original hard copy of the invoice issued at the time of payment for invoice information given is just symbolic and not an exact estimate of the service costs for real service costs.


By accepting these terms and by using the BIKEFIXUP Website , you agree to protect, indemnify and keep harmless BIKEFIXUP, its owners, its licensors, franchisee partners and any of their members, administrators, other customers, staff, lawyers and agents against any and all lawsuits, charges, fines, injuries, liabilities and expenses (including attorney’s fees and expenses) (a) your violation or breach of any provision of these Terms or of any relevant law or regulation, whether or not referred to herein; (b) your violation of any rights of any third party, including Service Providers arranged via the BIKEFIXUP website; or (c) your use or abuse of the BIKEFIXUP website.

Term and Deadline

The BIKEFIXUP Agreement with you is concluded for an indefinite time. You are allowed to cancel the arrangement by preventing the use of the BIKEFIXUP website at any time. BIKEFIXUP is entitled to terminate the Arrangement with immediate effect at all times (by disabling the use of the BIKEFIXUP website) If, in the view of BIKEFIXUP, you: (a) breach or infringe any one of these Terms, or (b) misuse the BIKEFIXUP web site. BIKEFIXUP is not obliged to give advance notice of termination of the Agreement.


BIKEFIXUP can offer notice by means of a general notice on the Service or BIKEFIXUP Website, or by e-mailing your e-mail address recorded in BIKEFIXUP’s account information, or by writing to your address registered in BIKEFIXUP’s account information by regular mail. In the event of any harassment or violation of these Terms of Use, or if you become aware of any inappropriate material on the BIKEFIXUP website , please report the same to the following e-mail Id: Contact@bikefixup.com


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Modifications of the Terms of Use

BIKEFIXUP reserves the right, at any time and without warning, to cancel, revoke, alter, amend, add and delete any or more of the terms and conditions of the offered BIKEFIXUP website. These modifications will automatically bind you when you use the BIKEFIXUP website, and you should read the Terms of Use periodically. BIKEFIXUP shall not be under any duty to inform you of any change to the terms and conditions and you shall be bound by all such amended provisions. Having read and understood the disclaimer and copyright notice, you hereby consent in its sole duty to recognize and abide by all of the terms and conditions stated therein. The use of the BIKEFIXUP website shall be subject to the most recent edition of the Terms of Use made available at the time of your use on the BIKEFIXUP website. All rights withheld. Copyright in all material on this website is copyrighted by Bikefixup.